Ok Computer Web Series Release Date, Plot, Cast, and more

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Ok Computer Web Series Release Date, Plot, Cast, and more: There are not lots of Indian Science Fiction web series right now. It is a new genre to the Indian Audience, but if done right it can be the new big thing. Take JL50 as an example. It is the only Indian Sci-Fi series that comes into mind when talking about this particular genre.

But, it looks like things are about to change.

Disney+ Hotstar is coming with a new Sci-Fi web-series that is right around the corner. The trailer was released earlier this month and fans absolutely loved it. The expectations from this show are really high.

No matter how this series turns out to be it is a positive step for our web series industry. It embarks that we are moving forward from the typical series that we are so used to.

All the writers and producers are ready to take risks and are trying something new. Because India has produced some very good web series in the past. But a thing was always missing and that was variety.

The majority of Indian Web series are either thriller or romance or comedy. Now that we are getting something new, we all should appreciate it.

Ok Computer Plot

According to Hotstar’s official synopsis “The year is 2031. In a New India – of towering smart holograms and drone superhighways – hard-boiled Cyber Crime detective Saajan Kundu is called out of retirement when a self-driving taxi is hacked and ordered to kill an anonymous human victim.”

The plot of the show is based on a very old saying of how technology is a boon to humanity.

OK, Computer is India’s first Sci-Fi comedy thriller. The plot looks really interesting. The show is set in 2031 where a self-driving car commits murder. But the 3-laws of machines restrict them from committing any crime.

So, what is the real story here? Who is the mastermind behind all this?

Cyber Crime Detective Saajan Kundu has to come out of retirement to solve this brutal murder mystery. How the story will unfold? We will have to watch it to get the answers.

Ok Computer Web Series official trailer

Ok Computer Web Series official trailer

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Ok Computer Release Date

The show is all set to release on March 26, 2021. There will be a total of six-episodes with each episode being 30-minutes long. All episodes will stream on March 26 only, making it a perfect show to binge-watch that weekend. The show will release on Disney+ Hotstar.

You can watch it with a premium subscription or with a VIP subscription also.

Ok Computer Cast

The show will cast Vijay Varma as Detective Saajan Kundu as the main lead alongside Radhika Apte as Laxmi Suri. Other cast members are Kani Kusruti as Monalisa Paul, Vibha Chhibber as Deepa Chandra Prasad, Ratnabali Bhattacharjee as Trisha Singh, Sarang Sathaye as Ashfaq Auliya, Alok Ulfat as Nigel Paudwal, and Jackie Shroff as Pushpak Shakur.

Ullas Mohan is playing the role of probably the antagonist of the show AJEEB. An artificial intelligence robot who everyone thinks has committed the murder.

The cast is really strong. Vijay Varma and Radhika Apte are already recognized as some of India’s best actors. Everyone knows about Jackie Shroff and Ullas Mohan is also a famous name in web-series.

The show is directed by Neil Pagedar and Pooja Shetty. Both of them are also working on writing the script of the show alongside Anand Gandhi. And all three of them are also producing the series alongside their full team.

I am most excited about the music of the series. When a series is based in the future, the music needs to feel different. I hope Gabriel Prokofiev does that job beautifully.

Vijay Varma as Detective Saajan Kundu

Vijay Varma as Detective Saajan Kundu Ok Computer Web Series

Radhika Apte as Laxmi Suri

Ok Computer Web Series

Kani Kusruti as Monalisa Paul


Sarang Sathaye as Ashfaq Auliya

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Ok Computer What to Expect?

No matter what, be prepared to see something new. It is our duty as fans to watch these kinds of shows so that other producers also start taking risks and produce some unique content. Because the Indian web series circle needs change.

And shows like JL50 and OK Computer are steps in the right direction. And I am not saying to watch the show only because it is something unique, but it looked good too. There were lots of genuinely funny moments in the trailer only.

The plot looks nice, the cast is really strong and the camerawork looked solid in the trailer. Overall, it is a must-watch series by the looks of it, and has the potential to be the best Indian web series of the year.

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