How to watch ULLU web series for Free?

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How to watch the ULLU web series for Free?: Want to watch all the hot web series on ULLU but don’t want to pay for the Premium Membership of ULLU. Right?

After all, you are here for that matter only because you want to save your Rs 999 for one year and want to watch all ULLU web series for free.

Here we are today with a method for the same. Now you will have access to all the best ULLU web series for free and for lifetime. You don’t need to pay a single rupees to watch the ullu web series.

Before we share the trick with you, you must bear in mind that the method we are going to show you today is 100% genuine and you are not going to do anything wrong.

By this method we do not suggest you to do anything illegal or wrong.

Here we go with streaming all the Ullu web series for free and for a lifetime. But before that, you need to understand the ULLU Original web series if you don’t know yet.

What is ULLU Original web series?


ULLU original web series is shows produced and Streamed by ULLU on its own official app. ULLU is one of the most popular and Premium OTT Platform for adult and romantic series.

They have created a lot of hot and romantic web series and did it well in the segment of adult shows. Ullu produces web series in Reginal languages with regional actors.

They know what would be a winner show among Indian Web series Lovers and they focus on full filling the demand of their Audience by Creating various Ullu Original shows. They offer Web series for free as well as Paid.

ULLU has 4 different plans for its user, i.e Rs 225 for one year. Rs 162 for 6 month. Rs 117 for 3 month and 36 Rs for 4 days.

ULLU is cheaper than any other OTTs but if you don’t want to pay even that amount, here we are to help you out.

In this post, we will know how to watch those hot and crispy premium web series for free for lifetime.

How to watch ULLU web series for Free?

There are several ways people suggest to use to watch the ULLU web series for free. But not every methods are genuine and legal.

ULLU allows you to watch 4 episodes for free before you pay for their premium Plans. Some People also suggest tricking ULLU by creating multiple free accounts to watch 4 episodes for free.

But that’s not the right way either.

Then what is the right and genuine way to watch the ULLU web series for Free?

Well, it’s so simple and easy to watch not all but most of those amazing web series for free. Here are the steps you can follow to watch Ullu shows without paying a single rupee.

Watch the ULLU web series for Free:

  1. You need to install the MX Player app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Sign in to the MX Player app using your email.
  3. Search ‘ULLU’ in your MX Player app.
  4. By searching this keyword, you will be able to find all the Ullu Original web series for free.
  5. MX Player purchase rights to stream ULLU Original web series on its app for free.

But, Why MX Player streams the Premium web series of ULLU for free?

If you are a web series lover, I am very sure that you must watch multiple web series on the MX Player app. You can watch ULLU premium web series on MX Player for free for a simple reason.

MX Player own the right to publish and Stream the ULLU web series for free on its official MX Player app as well as its website

This is 100% Genuine and legal to watch the Web series for free on MX Player. But you can’t watch all web series for free on MX Player because they don’t own the rights for every show.

So here we have a List of ULLU Original Web series to watch for free on MX Player.

But there is an advantage, MX Player don’t purchase rights of every web series by ULLU, for an obvious reason. We all know that not every web series is worth for your time.

Some web series can ruin your mood and day. But watching ULLU original web series for free on MX Player cuts off this risk.

They select only Good and Entertaining Web series to host on its own Platform. That is very good for us as we get only selected and filtered Shows to watch.

So this was a complete guide to watch ULLU web series for free. I hope you liked it and get help from this article. If you do so, share it with your Web series lover friends.


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